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I ENGAGED a maid through a maid agency 31/2 months ago. I deposited an amount of money and was told to wait.

After almost two months, a biodata of a maid was sent to me and I picked the maid I preferred. However, the agent called up weeks later to inform me that the maid was underage and could not leave the country and I would have to choose another maid.

After making the choice, I waited patiently, hoping that this was going to be a success. Five weeks passed before the agent called me (on March 27) with more bad news - no maid.

This time, the reason given by the agent was that the maid’s parents did not allow her to leave the country. All these reasons are not logical and not acceptable. What do I do to get a maid?

C.L.K., Ayer Tawar, Perak

Source: NST – April 1, 2008