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“Public apathy allows robbers to escape” (News without borders, March 30) the writer aptly put it, “… it was a crowded place but I felt alone…” which is the in-thing now. The trend is being embraced by young people in Kuala Lumpur. Try taking the LRT at peak hours. There are so many people around but you’re still alone. Everyone minds their own business.

The writer was robbed and nobody stepped in to help. Even in good times, people do not care. I have observed young men sitting smugly in their seats staring into the space while right in front of them there were elderly women hanging on to hand-rails for dear life. Their conscience does not prick them to offer their seats. How appalling.

I related this observation to my young daughter and she said that I was not in synch with the present time and was too much of an Anglophile. I do not blame her for she belongs to a different era.

A.H. Bakri
Kuala Lumpur

Source: The Sun – March 31, 2010