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I REFER to statements on the need for a better early warning system in light of floods in Johor and Malacca.

It is the norm for the authorities to announce the acquisition of new systems that they think will help resolve problems. I believe such systems are already in place in government agencies.

High ranking government officials need to put in more effort to ensure the entire machinery runs as it should and measure the output and impact, rather than keep being influenced by suppliers selling new systems.

We can see how the prime minister works and preaches hard to deliver transformations to the rakyat only to be hampered by short sighted and unthinking government officials. An audit of government agencies will uncover white elephants acquired in haste either during a crisis or calamity or during the end-of-the-year allocation clearance spending spree.

Let us all transform our mindset to serve as a foundation for greater transformations.

Anuar Murad

Source: The Sun – February 2, 2011