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I REFER to “Tricubes lifeline” (Front page, April 27). I read with interest that the 1Malaysia email project will be a lifeline for Tricubes, a company specialising in providing thumbprint readers and software to major banks and government agencies.

I have seen its hardware in many banks and government agencies and wonder why it isn’t doing well and has been classified as a GN3 company.

I observe a lot of mediocre projects are given lifelines or support by the government; most of these projects are not well planned; often not well maintained or upgraded in later years; do not support the best idea that may benefit the rakyat. In short, mediocre ideas are supported while the best are discarded or have the doors closed on them

If it is for the rakyat’s benefit, the government does not need to set up a new email system with encryption and security. All it needs to do is to allow the rakyat to register their email (after due security scrutiny and vetting). There are many software vendors who can provide email delivery encryption and security.

Tricubes isn’t even a company specialising in email delivery and encryption. So why should the company be providing an email system when that area of expertise is not its speciality?

Let us compare the following options if the government is serious about saving money and ensuring letters reach its offices:

1. Current practice of RM1 for each letter delivered by Pos Malaysia

2. Tricubes charge of 50 sen per email delivered.

3. Allow the rakyat to register their email address and receive government correspondence free.

Those without email or who live in rural areas should just continue with option 1.

What are those people in Pemandu thinking about?

Via email

Source: The Sun – April 28, 2011