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I REFER to “One rule at a time” (What they say, April 5). The conversation regarding the poco-poco dance and other unIslamic activities such as yoga, Valentine’s Day, clearly mocks Islam and its rules. When a religion has its rules, no one has any right to criticise or to question them.

All the fatwa (Islamic ruling) issued by the state or National Fatwa Council do not apply to non-Muslims and are meant to prevent Muslims from going astray. Many famous Muslim converts have said: “Born Muslims do not appreciate the glory of Islam; nor do they appreciate the immense value of Islamic rules, because they are ‘Muslims by chance’! We (Muslim converts) are ‘Muslims by choice’; and we relish the beauty and value of Islam!”

One look at the pictures of poco-poco dance would make any Muslim, with even a basic knowledge of Islam, realise that many aspects in the dance are unlslamic – the dress, the mixing of sexes, etc. Do Mohan, Chong, Azman and Zain want the Muslims to keep quiet even after knowing that Islam’s sanctity is being eroded? Every Muslim has the obligation to defend his religion. If Mohan and Chong cannot bear it, they should keep quiet. Don’t stir the hornets’ nest (Islam)! The hornets (Muslims) are busy with their own business. Once they are disturbed, the hornets would chase to sting the “disturber”.

Mohan is wrong in his view that this country is secular. Article 3, Clause 1 of the Federal Constitution, clearly says: “Islam is religion of the Federation, but other religions may be practised in peace and harmony.” This country is an Islamic country; otherwise, that statement “Islam is the religion of the Federation” would not be there. No secular country has such a clause referring to any religion. And, Mohan and Chong should be happy that they are permitted to practise their religion in peace and harmony in this Islamic country.

The writer also wonders if ballet would be deemed unIslamic. Of course, ballet is unlslamic. The dress, the movements and everything in it is unlslamic! And just because Valentine’s Day is celebrated in some Arab countries, it does not mean that it is allowed in Islam. Just because some Arabs indulge in activities that are forbidden, it does not mean that Islam allows them; nor does it mean that Arabs are more Islamic than non-Arabs.

My sincere advice to Zain and Azman: “Please, study the Al-Quran. You will then feel greatly ashamed of yourself for making such comments, that would bring great loss in the Akhirat!” Mohan’s fear of “gradual Islamisation of the country” is unfounded. Let me quote what Mahatma Gandhi said about Islam: “Throughout my life, I have been a student of all religions. When 1 studied Quran I realise that it is for the whole of mankind – not just Muslims. When our country (India) attains independence, establish the governance of our country based on the governance of (the first two) Islamic Caliphs – Abu Bakar and Umar (which was totally Islamic rule).” Napolean Bonaparte had said: “I have read Quran, and I believe in it. The time is not far away when I will … all countries in Europe. And, I would then gather all the learned men in those countries; and instruct them to formulate a system of government based on Quranic teachings; because, only Quranic teachings can bring peace and harmony to mankind.”

Other prominent people of other faiths have vouched for the greatness of Islam. I think the above are sufficient to open the eyes and hearts of Mohan, Chong, Azman and Zain. It is only Islamic rule that would give everyone complete peace and harmony in our country.

Dr Mohamed Amir Meera Hussain
Perak Islamic Information Centre

Source: The Sun – April 28, 2011